Dan Stahl de retour dans le fauteuil du capitaine

Daniel Stahl reprend les rênes de Star Trek Online.

Daniel Stahl reprend ses fonctions de producteur en chef de STO en lieu et place de Stephen D'Angelo. Sans plus attendre, je laisse la parole aux intéressés :

Daniel Stahl
With a deep appreciation for the responsibility bestowed on the position, I’ve reaccepted the duty of Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. After several eventful away team missions and a desk position training cadets in San Francisco, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be back at the helm of this very important title.

With the incredible success of Free to Play comes great responsibility and even greater challenges. Our CTO, Stephen D’Angelo, has done a tremendous job over the last several months. It is with great respect for him and the game that I return to the Captain’s chair while he moves forward to drive exciting new technical initiatives.

Star Trek Online lives as a testimony to the spirit of Star Trek fans everywhere, and together we will boldly go into the future.

Dan Stahl
Executive Producer, STO
Cryptic Studios
Stephen D'Angelo
After nearly five months as the interim Executive Producer on Star Trek Online, I am stepping down from the position. Effective today, Dan Stahl is in the big chair for Star Trek Online.

Cryptic Studios did an extensive search to find the right person to pilot Star Trek Online into its future. After many interviews, it was clear that our very own Dan Stahl is the right man for the job. Dan has a deep love and passion for Star Trek, as well as the skill and ability to lead this team forward. You’ll be in great hands with Dan!

I’ve enjoyed working with the STO dev team for these past months, and I’m proud of all the team has accomplished! This is a fantastic team with a great vision for the game, and I can’t wait to see the 2012 plans unfold. You’re going to love what you see! I’ll be stepping back into the CTO role at Cryptic, where I’ll be working with the technical teams to deliver great new features for STO, Champions Online, Neverwinter, and to future games.

Live long and prosper!

Stephen D’Angelo
Outgoing Executive Producer, STO
CTO, Cryptic Studios

Source : http://startrekonline.com/node/2874

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