Note de patch : 23/03/2012

Changement d'action de flotte, nouvelle mission journalière, évolution du système d'officiers de service, ...

Parmis les principaux ajouts de ce patch, on peut noter une modification des objectifs de l'action de flotte "The Big Dig" pour en améliorer la jouabilité et le plaisir.

Une nouvelle mission journalière fait aussi son apparition dans laquelle vous vous retrouverez a miner du dilithium sur un astéroïde a faible gravité. Attention à ne pas vous retrouver à la dérive dans l'espace.

Vous trouverez également de nouveaux contacts pour des missions pour vos officiers de services au sein de votre propre vaisseau, explorez bien votre vaisseau, il y en a une petite dizaine.

Et voici l'intégralité du patch note :


  • The camera is now closer to all ships in space.
  • The STF stores no longer trades EDCs for Mystery Boxes.
  • Dilithium Store: Replaced White/Common quality Mk 2 consoles with Blue/Rare quality Mk 2 consoles
  • Added maximum auction price of 500,000,000.
  • Lt. Ferra and Lt. S'staas can now help players whose commendation rank does not reflect their actual commendation points.
    • Speak to the appropriate officer and ask to "Update Commendation Records," then choose the branch that is misfiled.
      • Your commendation rank should be updated appropriately.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause players to not get the proper Commendation rank assigned based on their CXP.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing recent Diplomacy commendations from allowing access to the Federation diplomacy Duty Officer store.
  • Added audio for when players tap their badge or wrist to beam up.
  • The banks on DS9 have been updated for KDF players to remove references to the Federation.
  • Klingon players will now correctly be put directly into Gamma Orionis when selecting that option.
    • This should resolve the issue for all occurrences.
  • Updated Cage of Fire so the transwarp buttons now take the player to the correct location outside TRD 071944.
  • Players will no longer be stuck in Red Alert mode when exiting combat with a non-combat melee attack set to auto-attack.

Duty Officers

  • Adjusted the distribution of Duty Officer assignments throughout the game.
    • Among other things, the primary reason is to make it easier to find assignment chains and featured assignments.
  • In the Duty Officer user interface, "Shipboard" has been renamed "Personal".
  • Ship interior functionality! In ship interiors are now a set of department-specific contacts.
    • More information can be found in this Blog entry:
    • Sector and some formerly "Shipboard" assignments are now available from these contacts
      • The selection is unique to each player, so if you go to your friend's ship, you will see a different set of assignments.
      • The assignments are specific to the contact - you will see Engineering assignments from the Engineering Officer, Military and Espionage from the Tactical Officer, etc.
    • Some assignments that required items - such as the items from "Children's Toys" or the turrets and torpedo platform schematics, or Tribble genetic engineering, or data sample turn-ins - are now always available from these contacts, assuming you have not recently done that specific assignment.
    • Some assignments have been completely moved to the ship interior, such as the Bartender and Chef assignment chains.
    • Some of the new shipboard contacts will allow you to complete assignments for hypos, critical components, regenerators, batteries, etc., although there are some level minimums for some of these items.
    • Players using the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship or Galor Cruiser can find the new Duty Officer contacts through a console on the bridge.
  • Modestly buffed hit points and damage of consumable turrets and torpedo platforms acquireable through Duty Officer assignments.
  • Consulate assignment chain rewards should no longer give Bajorans as the repeatable reward.
    • Except the Bajoran consulate assignment chain, and that one should now give Bajorans of the correct quality.
  • The repeatable assignment at the end of the DS9 species Consulate assignment chains no longer accepts Photonic Duty Officers.
  • The repeatable assignment at the end of the DS9 species Consulate assignment chains now properly have cooldowns.
  • Resolved several issues with the Facility 4028 assignment chain including improper faction rewards.
  • Resolved nine day long duration for one of the links in the assignment chain involving the fugitives from Facility 4028.
  • The repeatable assignment at the end of the "Children's Toys" Mark XII console chain no longer restricts the Duty Officers from being of the Medical or Security branches.
  • Added "Bartender" and "Chef" titles to Chef and Bartender chains for Failure and Disaster outcomes. These have been added to the repeatable versions of that step of the chain as well, so if you did not get it before you can do the repeatable and get it that way.
  • The assignment "Confiscate Contraband from Crew" always gives at least one Contraband.
  • The assignment "Confiscate Contraband from Crew" now properly takes up an assignment slot.
  • Resolved "Supply Classified Project" assignment slotting issues.
  • Adjusted the rarities and rewards of many assignments to take into account the changes in availability with shipboard interior contacts.
    • Many assignments in Personal assignment chains - formerly Shipboard - are now more commonly available, since a player only gets one chance every hour to find them.
  • Vorta Biochemist can now be on the Reserve Roster and need not be actively slotted in order to make Ketrecel White available for replication.
  • Adjusted upwards the rewards for "Analyze Data from Unmanned" Jem'Hadar ship repeatable assignment; the assignment was not using the correct set of rewards for an assignment of that length.
  • Starfleet and Klingon Academies now have Personnel Officer contacts who handle the periodic requisitions of Duty Officers.
    • These replace the old cadre assignments.
    • For a price in Dilithium Personnel Officers can also convert five Duty Officers of one quality into a random Duty Officer of the next-higher quality.
    • Some species-specific Personnel Officers also exist that guarantee the new Duty Officer will be of particular species.
  • ESD and Q'onoS now have Security Officer contacts who handle the redemption of Tribble Bounties, prisoner exchanges and turn-ins of Contraband.
    • These replace the old assignments that did the same thing.
  • Deep Space Nine now has a Ferengi Trader contact who provides a supplementary set of Trade Duty Officer assignments, seeing as ship interiors do not otherwise provide such a supplementary set of assignments.
  • Added new Medical shipboard assignments.
  • Changed offending Bajoran Male Counselor name after said Counselor's attempt to provide therapy to a human crewmember resulted in gales of laughter that were not able to be ceased until the Bajoran counselor fled the room red-faced.


  • There is a new dilithium mining daily mission available to Federation players above level 9 and Klingon players above level 24. Contact Isihl in order to play this mission.
  • Updated the Big Dig, Romulan Temple Fleet Action:
    • In an effort to improve the fun and playability of this Fleet Action, several changes have been made to reduce and simplify objectives.
      • Stage 1 now only requires 16 scientists to be rescued for Fed, and 14 scientists to be kidnapped for KDF.
      • Stage 2, defeat 150 Romulans, has been removed.
      • Stage 3 now requires 12 artifacts to be secured by a Force Field Generators.
      • Stage 4 has been altered from defeating 20 Romulan and Reman captains to defeating a single summoned enemy at the top of the temple.
    • Additional Changes:
      • Players may now carry up to 5 Force Field Generators at once.
      • Force Fields around artificts no longer have collision so players will no longer get stuck in them and need to beam out.
      • Enemy mobs near respawn locations have been thinned out.
      • Enemy patrols travelling up and down the temple stairs have been removed.
    • We expect the amount of time needed by a large group to complete this Fleet Action to have significantly been reduced by these changes. Enjoy!
  • The Dominion Featured Series is now integrated into normal progression.
    • For Feds, the series is after Cage of Fire and for KDF it's after the Romulan series.
  • Added class specific objectives and accolades to Facility 4028.
  • Updated Boldly They RODE to ensure there are no issues with shooter mode.
  • "Defeated Changeling" item will now disappear 5 minutes after being obtained. This item was never intended to leave the Holodeck Simulation where it is obtained.
  • WAR Zone missions have been updated.
    • They are now daily missions called Pacify Enemy Leaders.
    • These new missions are offered by Lt. Commander Icheb on the Federation side, and by Commander J'Vek for the KDF.


  • The Type 6 material is now available on the Advanced Odyssey Cruiser.
  • Updated the material name for the Galor ship so it now displays as Cardassian Type 2.
  • Launching the Aquarius escort from the rear of the Odyssey Advanced Cruiser no longer corrupts the ship image in the status window.
  • Updated the description of the Bortasqu’ to correct the number of consoles available.


  • Carrier Pet Commands will now only be sent to pets owned by the player, instead of their entire team.
  • Shield damage is now reported in the combat log.
  • Added default traits to Alien species for both Fed and KDF.
    • They can still be customized - these traits are only suggestions.
  • Houdini Mines: Fixed a bug that caused you to be unable to avoid the delayed explosion effect.
  • Updated the Shard of Possibilities:
    • Both FED and KDF versions now have Remodulation.
    • Duration increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • Cooldown reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
    • Quantum Shadows now behave differently in Social areas.
  • Borg now adapt to damage dealt by plasma grenade fire.
  • Resolved a typo in the tooltip for Jam Sensors.


  • The cursor has been updated so that it’s more visible.
  • The character Status window will no longer show all ships when near a ship selector.
  • Duty Officer portraits no longer extend outside the exchange sell item bar.
  • The Duty Officer cargo bay will now also display data samples.
  • Resolved an issue where the popup in the exchange would incorrectly choose a Duty Officer when interacting with the scrollbar.
  • Players are now informed before every Dilithium Exchange transaction that the C-points being sold are coming from their personal balance.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause the health bar in space to display incorrectly at low healths.
  • The energy credits icon no longer appears as a white icon in the ship rename popup.
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause the Exp Bar to not reappear until after changing maps or hitting escape.
    • Note: This change will not apply to characters that have previously hidden the Exp Bar.
  • Made the ship selection and status window a little bit wider.
  • Set bonus no longer appears as 0/3 if other consoles are highlighted in the ship status window.

Known Issues

  • It’s not currently possible to complete the Exit the Airlock objective in Boldly They Rode using the new EV Suits.
    • The EV suit picked up during the mission will still work for this phase.
    • The new EV suits will still provide protection from Outer Space.
  • Occasionally, one of the Klingon mining sites fails to grant completion after being mined.

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